What is a business model combo?

I began to promote the VOIP program Skype because this technology seemed to be a wonderful way to communicate. I have not paid even a cent per hour for video and regular calls that I have made over Skype up to today. When I began using the Skype program, It was not clear to me how this business model could function since I did not buy anything. So I started to study business models in 2007, and eventually, I found Alexander Osterwalder’s business model ontology. Since then I have been using Osterwalder’s ideas in a number of ways.

I have studied many business models of companies that I work for as an independent consultant. After scanning the business models of these companies and the companies that are competitors or partners, I created a database of many examples that serve as the basis for diagnoses and designs of business models. I have gotten many ideas about business model combining from this database. I think that there are an unlimited number of combinations can be produced, similar to what can be done by recombining human DNA.

Business Model Combining is incorporating two or more models into a new business model which shares one or more building blocks of each model involved. Business model combining can be done in one organization or two/more organizations. Multi-business model combining could increase creativity and innovation to a much higher level.

  1. […] modelov in posamezne elemente, ki sestavljajo te poslovne modele smatram za module, ki omogočajo kombiniranje poslovnih modelov. Moduli za kombiniranje sestavljajo tudi posamezne serije pohištva, ki omogočajo kombiniranje […]

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