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Yes, we can! We can change the world.

We can change it by designing new solutions for existing problems. We have started by creating a place where we can share ideas and collaborate on innovative tech/biz plans. This is what happens in Tehno potica.

We have been transforming Tehno potica since February, and we have come up with five ideas. In addition, we have strategies to develop those ideas into cutting-edge projects. Bogdan Mlakar will present the first idea, dealing with recycling wastes, next Monday, and afterwards, we will conduct a brainstorming session to expand on his concepts.

Can you join in and help change the world?

Yes, you can!

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The Maribor Golden Fox Skiing World Cup competition was attended by more than 20 thousand fans last Sunday. The reason that it attracted more spectators than any Slovenian football match in the last year was Tina Maze, who holds the lead  in the overall World Cup Ski Competition for women 2012/13. Tina has ascended the winners’ podium more than 20 times in all disciplines of Alpine skiing 2012/13.

Slovenian alpine skier Tina Maze at the bib dr...

Slovenian alpine skier Tina Maze at the bib draw for the Giant Slalom in Semmering (Austria) on 28 December 2010. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tina Maze is a business model built on a small team, consisting of Andrea Massi (head coach), Livio Magoni (coach), a masseuse, and a servicer. The team has turned down technical assistance from the Ski Association of Slovenia, but they are still allowed to operate under the auspices of the Slovenian team. Her excellent coaches are able to focus Tina’s attention only on the next challenging turn of each slope They have ensured that she is in top form, both physically and mentally ready.
Excellent results also encourage sponsors who want the many  thousands of spectators at competitions to see that Tina wears their brands or uses their products. Tina has also made her debut as a singer, and her enthusiasm and performance are the equal of many professional entertainers.

So why is Tina Maze successful? This Slovenian skier always believes she can conquer the next turn and that she can ski the  fastest, the same belief held by her coaches, masseuse, servicer, and over 10 thousands fans. As long as she is confident that  she can achieve perfection, there is no fear that her  business model will not be successful. Tina Maze delighted 22 thousand fans with her victory in the slalom at the Maribor Golden Fox Skiing World Cup last Sunday.



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Techno cake presently has forty-nine members, and that number could, and most likely will,  increase with each talk. Techno cake can exist in the long run only if we have a sustainable business model that extends beyond just  profit.  This is the  reason that I created the prototype of the Techno cake business model and now, to further develop that prototype,  I need  to brainstorm with the current members of the movement.


Business Model Canvas, Osterwalder, Pigneur & al. 2010, CC BY-SA 3.0.

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Whenever I’ve checked my family electric bill, I have never known exactly what’s going on because the calculations are so very complicated. I have kept all my electric bills since 1998 and found that costs have risen very much during this period. I had pre-figured, fixed payments, and never checked the price structure. As a result, the illegal price increases on the part of the electric distribution companies, which are all virtual monopolies, escaped me. The Slovenian electric distribution companies increased prices 6% without any justification in 2008/2009. The High Court decreed that the companies had to pay back that 6 % to each customer. However, to date they haven’t done this.

In terms of Business Models Combining, this situation inspired an interesting initiative from the newly-formed Society for the Return of Overpaid Electricity, which was established by Rado Pezdir. Members of the Society demand the return of over-paid electricity fees and all customers were invited to join the society and to empower executives to request the return in their names. All services are free for the society members and, to date, over 73,000 customers have joined the Society for the Return of Overpaid Electricity, which has attracted the participation of a well-known law firm that has initiated the judicial process.

When the law firm filed the first action against the electric distribution companies, they responded and began to return some over-billings. This presents a classic model for Business Models Combining of individuals / households with a consumer protection society and a law firm. The society has managed to break monopolistic complacency and arrogance. Households have had the cost of electricity reduced, and the law firm has reaped a lot of priceless goodwill and very favorable public relations by forcing the electric distribution companies to return the money that was unlawfully obtained.

Combining customers against monopolistic companies is the most effective tool to achieve justice. It can give consumers an equivalent position in the negotiations for the correction of unfair performance of a value proposition which does not treat them fairly because of their position in the market. Having successfully taken on the electric companies, Rado Pezdir therefore has now announced a new consumer action to be taken against the monopolistic behavior of Slovenia banks.

Business Model Canvas, Osterwalder, Pigneur & al. 2010, CC BY-SA 3.0.

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In Slovenska Bistrica where I live, a lot of successful athletes are active. Among them are the following Olympians: Shot-put: Miran Vodovnik; Judo: Topolčnik Stanko, Janez Vidmajer, Franc Očko, and Filip Leščak; Paralympics shooter Franc Pinter. In addition, there are many other world-famous athletes such as Mojca Mijovic, triathlon; Alpine skier Rene Melkuz; Eurocup basketball player Sani Becirovic; and mountain climbers Mira Zoric, Milan Romih, Marjan Freser, Francek Knez, and Dani Tic, etc. Each of those presents an interesting life story, one filled with incredible challenges, amazing determination and endurance, and raw courage. All of these athletes were trained in the clubs here that have an illustrious tradition, and that is where their stories all began. Some of these, however, have become part of the lore of our small town, and so, these modest athletes, who while they are talked about, never boast of their achievements, are part of the past and present of our city. Their actions and those stories are one the important aspects that make us different from other cities. Heralding the accomplishments of these renowned athletes could help greatly in making, Slovenska Bistrica much more well-known world-wide. At present, unfortunately, these stories are mainly confined only to Slovenia. How then, can we broadcast these interesting stories combined with tourism information via social media, in order to present the many attractions that we offer to the whole world? I will talk about the topic on my lecture next week.

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