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Most of the payable apps use credit cards to make payments, and typing on mobile phones can be slow. In addition, it’s all too easy to make a mistake when typing in such a long number. A new procedure called provides a software development kit (SDK ) for mobile developers making it easy to accept credit cards in their mobile apps. When card i.o. is combined with mobile apps business models, it ensures a faster paying service for customers.

I went to a gas station at the Mercator supermarket today, but I had to wait a long time there because there were some problems with a cash terminal.  Then, I had to wait again in a drug store because of bad communication connections. Both places have robust hardware for reading credit cards, but it still took a while.

These delays could have almost certainly been prevented if these businesses had had smart phone connections and the app. I think that supermarket chains and other stores can cut cost of paying services by using mobile devices to scan the codes of products and then scan the customers’ cards. That can be done by either the store personnel or by the customers themselves.

This technology is still in the early development stage, but I see a bright future for in retail stores, gas stations, restaurants, etc.

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Can we combine the business models of the wireless future of medicine with a low- budget business model for athletes?

We can see from the video that is possible to monitor the vital functions of athletes with wireless technology. We can measure their heart rates, oxygen use, sleeping process, etc. Some Individual athletes can’t their have own medical teams, but they can do continuous measurements with apps on mobile devices. That service will enable better monitoring of athletes’ performance with a much lower budget. One medical team of specialists can monitor and advise more athletes or more teams of athletes online.  An athlete’s trainers can easily plan training phases, and individual athletes can be in top form for competitions,.

I think that business models of the wireless future of medicine could be combined with business models for the future of sport.

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