Posted: March 11, 2011 in business model
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I’ve joined a group which works on new sport devices for training; we brainstorm hypotheses of new business models. One original product that we created enables an innovative approach for recreational and professional sportsmen. We were able to answer the question “how to make the product” quickly and easily. However, the project starts to become more complex when we try to rethink value propositions, add supplement services, and put all the considerations in the context of  financing.
Our goal is to find out what jobs recreational and professional sportsmen want to get done, and if our product and supplemental services will help them to reach their objectives. We are focusing on the “who” side of the business model and distribution channels. Therefore, we start by discovering who our potential customers may be.
The new product and services will have a better chance of success:

  • if the group of customers who like this inventive way to use technology is large enough
  • if the product helps this same group of customers get their jobs done .


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