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Can we combine the business models of the wireless future of medicine with a low- budget business model for athletes?

We can see from the video that is possible to monitor the vital functions of athletes with wireless technology. We can measure their heart rates, oxygen use, sleeping process, etc. Some Individual athletes can’t their have own medical teams, but they can do continuous measurements with apps on mobile devices. That service will enable better monitoring of athletes’ performance with a much lower budget. One medical team of specialists can monitor and advise more athletes or more teams of athletes online.  An athlete’s trainers can easily plan training phases, and individual athletes can be in top form for competitions,.

I think that business models of the wireless future of medicine could be combined with business models for the future of sport.

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The mountain guide Milan Romih ( group) suggested the idea of skiing from Aiguilles du Midi for the Adrenalin Kick project of RadioSi. This project employed a business model combining mountain guides’ models, RadioSi’s model and Bolle’s (sun glasses) model. All these business models have same clients. RadioSi’s  distribution channels and other outlets – Facebook, Twitter, Twitpic, Flickr, YouTube, www., – are a great way to reach  potential customers.

Mountain guides Franc Pepevnik Aco, Milan Romih and Danilo Tič offered to guide clients from Aiguilles du Midi to Chamonix, and RadioSi had an online program that featured the skiing tour, filming the whole descent. Members of the Adrenalin Kick team tested Bolle sun glasses. We used radio and web/social applications for client relation media.  Each participant of the business model combining did his/her job professionally. They had to supply their own minimal resources and used the best partners.

RadioSi organized a competition for Adrenalin Kick. Potential candidates entered by sending a picture with full ski equipment and the RadioSi logo. RadioSi created a quiz about mountaineering and skiing and then held a raffle to choose the five winners out of the final 16 contestants.  The mountain guides, the RadioSi team and the lucky Adrenalin Kick project winners had a great time on the Mont Blanc area slopes.

So, what type  of value added did each participant of Adrenalin Kick project receive?

The mountain guides and Bolle got super promotion and publicity. RadioSi got attractive stories and video material for a movie. The apartment company sold four units. The Monkey Pub (free Wi-Fi) enjoyed a lot of great paying guests every evening by ensuring perfect Internet connections.  The winners of the Adrenalin Kick contest had an unforgettable adventure on Mont Blanc.

The Adrenalin Kick project was a typical case of business model combining, bringing added value to all the interested parties.

Photo Franc Pepevnik Aco

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