The Power of the Crowd

Posted: February 17, 2010 in business model
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I had series of workshops in the less developed local community of Makole, situated in the scenic area of Haloze. The municipatry is surrounded by many hills, where limestone caves and impressive canyons can be found.  In addition, there are  forests, vineyards and meadows dotting the landscape, and Štatenberg castle is a famous local attraction.

A large section of Haloze is part of the EU project Natura 2000, which extends environmental protection to the flora and fauna found there. Naturally, tourism has a high economic priority, and the local community wants to increase the number of tourists so as to raise revenue. Therefore, I had a fundamental question for the participants in the workshop:” What is your value proposition for me as a potential tourist to Makole?”.

By proposing in my introduction to the workshop that the local residents could help formulate solutions with regard to tourist value propositions for their community, I unwittingly provoked some opposing views. Two ethnologists present at the workshop protested that such solutions could be devised only by academics in higher-level institutions in Ljubljana and that workshops whose purpose was to elicit suggestions from the local community were unnecessary and would prove unavailing.

However, when we proceeded with the workshop, it quickly became apparent that the local people had some great ideas, such as vineyard cottage accommodations, an open train for tourists, a grape harvesting event  and others.

This workshop confirmed the importance of some kind of crowdsourcing to create fresh ideas and propose new potential projects. Local residents who know the real problems and resources of the community are the best source to provide relevant, practical suggestions. We used brain-storming methods and the creative talent of the local inhabitants to find the right answers and to offer constructive input.

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