The sports recreation complex of Rogla (Unitur) is situated in the middle of the vast Pohorje mountain forest (1500 meter/4500 ft high), just 40 minutes away from Sloveska Bistrica. Tourists can relax and recreate there all year long. Rogla offers a great infrastructure and has an international Petra Majdič, a world-renowned Slovenian female cross-country skier, trains at  Rogla for most of the year, so Unitur has the opportunity to combine its own business model with that of Petra’s. Thanks to her considerable media coverage and her appearance at World Cup competitions throughout Europe, Unitur has gained much more recognition and a considerable number of new customers.

The question is – where can their partnership of business model combining take them in the future? They can find answers in the profiles of potential customers, connected with value propositions. Utilizing these, Unitur and Petra can develop innovative services based on the information gleaned from  social media sites.

Petra could write her story on a blog, on Twitter and on Facebook. She could offer training exercises for different kinds of cross-country skiers and these could connect with her GPS or other devices at Rogla, showing her speed and her heart rate. She could describe rest and relaxation periods using physiotherapy, sauna or other services offered by the Rogla center. She could even combine her business model with that of a medical care company’s, one that offers health advice and assistance.

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