Last year, I found an interesting article “Can You Change Everything?,” published on the Seth Godin blog. His words from the west coast of the U.S. inspired me, caused me to start studying English through Skype with my teacher John Slattery and initiated a number of other changes in my daily life.I began to do what I love doing, and I started to connect intensively with people who have opinions similar to mine. Suddenly my life became full of unforgettable encounters and new experiences. What has impressed me the most is the global community, which is producing a world-wide, collective knowledge. I became part of a large network of connections, contacts, reservoirs of awareness and understanding. I attended an unforgettable Business Model Knowledge Fair in Amsterdam and participated in the Business Model Hub by co-creating, as one of more than four hundred and fifty contributors, the book Business Model Generation. In addition, on the topic of Business Model and Social Media, I organized and led several lectures and workshops  and was very heartened by the enthusiastic response.I never defined any of the main objectives but instead spoke spontaneously. In that year of 2009, during which I crossed the threshold, creating goals was not my objective; what I wanted to do was to spread the word to as many people as I could as quickly as possible.  I think I’m on the right track, having sent forth some waves, which will, I hope, now spread out upon the global ocean of knowledge. In the year 2010, I hope to further investigate the many possibilities and manifold connections that Business Models and Value Networks offer. Like an explorer who has discovered a new continent, I am tremendously excited and enraptured by the endless possibilities such an adventure promises.I had an experience very similar to this when I first encountered the monsoon in  Kathmandu in August of 1984. I was entranced by the mystery and enchantment of that exotic land whose strange landscape was drenched in a seemingly never-ending rainfall. When I first discovered Business Models and Value Networks, that feeling of  having come across an enigma, with all the fascination such encounters generate, came upon me again. And as I’ve learned more, that fascination has increased rather then diminishing.

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