Simplicity and Business Model Combo

Posted: November 25, 2009 in Business model combining, Business model combo
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With the nine business model blocks, I can easily analyze the construction of existing business models. As a consultant I analyze business models. I have noticed that in many large companies and state institutions the content of elements of the business models is often so complicated as to be muddled and arcane. This situation could lead to particular individuals’ having a monopoly on information, which could block the flow of communication within those companies and institutions. The cause of such unnecessary complexity in business models is often ignorance about the subject, or the unclear mission, vision and/or objectives of the management and/or the owners. Such complex models are very difficult or even impossible to combine with other business models. Therefore, it is necessary first to make sure that the business models are basically simple. Then, only in the second step, can a simplified business model be combined with other business models. The laws of simplicity can help us to rebuild existing business model on the basis of 9 building blocks. We have to be aware, however, of the 9th law, which posits that some things can never be made simple.

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